Dr. T. Colin Campbell and the Impact of Meat and Animal Protein on Health

At the bottom of the page is a fairly recent upload of the video of Dr. T. Colin Campbell talking about studies of chronic and terminal disease as impacted by animal proteins. Did you know that a candy bar company tried to use politics to strongarm the United Nations into raising their protein recommendations from 10% to 35%?

Dr. Campbell makes jokes about how he gets himself into trouble wherever he goes because of his bucking the status quo. Most recently he has 'taken on' the large Nurses' Health Study that would seem to demonstrate that a high fat diet is tied to diseases like breast cancer. Dr. Campbell points out that critiques of that hypothesis include evidence that shows that simply decreasing fat intake by eating "low protein cuts of meat" and/or drinking "skim milk" do not actually result in significantly lower rates of breast cancer (for example).

He asks:
  • "Do you think it is possible that we should start taking nutrition seriously?"
  • "Who is controlling the agenda?" 
  • He says it is "not about industry paying off people, not about scientists being dishonest... who is making policy?" 
  • "Who is going to fund vegetarian research, for crying out loud?"

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