Kaitlin Says "Get Help" If You Are Depressed

Kaitlin Brand is not from the Comox Valley or Campbell River, but her story has been played out here before. It's the flipside of the teen suicides we have been hearing so much about in our community, and the grieving parents left behind. It's about the teens who have to deal with a parent's sudden death by suicide, the youth who find their parent's body hanging from a tree, like Kaitlin did, or sprawled on the floor of the bathroom or lifeless in their bed. Kaitlin's mom went through many operations and was sunk into a major depression for over a year. Kaitlin is an amazing young woman whose message is not one of bitterness or blame, but "I love you" and "if you are depressed, get help".

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Turn off the news. Throw away the newspaper. Get outside and go for a walk. Dr. Christiane Northrup said going for a walk is a perfectly acceptable form of treatment for certain types of depression!