Are Pharmaceutical Antidepressants the Answer?

In the following video from the David Wolfe's 2011 Longevity Now® Conference Dr. Hyla Cass discusses research demonstrating that pharmaceutical drugs can actually work against your health, sharing statistics from 6 double-blind studies that demonstrates how placebo vitamins work just as well as pharmaceutical drugs without all the side effects... click below to watch below!  You can actually control cravings from junk foods when you realize what your brain needs for nutrients.

Fresh, healthful vitamin-packed Juices are a fantastic addition to any detox or health improvement diet. You don't need a fancy juicer... a Blender and a Juicerless Nut Mylk Bag will do the trick! Find some great Nut Mylk and Juicerless recipes here.

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Turn off the news. Throw away the newspaper. Get outside and go for a walk. Dr. Christiane Northrup said going for a walk is a perfectly acceptable form of treatment for certain types of depression!