Something Fishy

I remember a few years ago PETA, the animal rights organization, ran a campaign to draw notice to the welfare of fish caught and released in sports fishing. Fishing for Entertainment value. Of course there was a huge outcry (or ringing laughter) from thousands of people who either love sport fishing and/or make their living from it. Maybe I'm just a sentimental old softie, but the idea that the fish felt pain (and, as some suggest, have cognition) brought me out of the trance state that I've been in for years, believing that it is somehow morally okay to fish "for the fun of it" and just throw the hook-injured fish back into the water to try again-- just for the challenge.

I live in a fish-eating culture, on this West Coast island in the Pacific. I love the taste of fresh-caught and grilled salmon. Even as I have proclaimed that I am vegetarian/vegan, I have occasionally eaten salmon or cod in moments of weakness. That eating, of course, really cuts into any debate I might take up around why people should avoid eating our finny friends. But really, it's not too different from my eating sweets (which I do when I go out, sometimes by choice, sometimes not realizing that a soup or whatever, contains sugar). Refined sugars do not have too many blazing defenders for its health benefits, and yet I occasionally indulge. Strangely enough, no one argues with me (or calls me a hypocrite to my face) if I talk about the empty nutrition of sugar. BUT, if I talk about how scientists have proved how very dangerous eating fish is today because of the human cancers that result all over the world because of the heavy metal toxicity derived from eating fish, I can expect to be challenged... The fact that fish is still touted by the government as an "excellent" source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids and lean protein, is all most people need as evidence of the healthiness of eating fish.

Have I truly stopped eating fish myself? Yes. I might be tempted to eat fish, but I will not. I can get the protein and Omega-3s I need from a plant-based diet without the fear that plants are going to transfer their diseases to me. I can grow a good portion of my own food, using organic methods.

I urge you to take your health seriously before you come down with a serious illness related to eating polluted animal foods. Here is an article that you could start with (short and clearly-written by a doctor):Why Talapia Is Harmful

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