Daylight Bulbs Provide a Big Lift to the Spirits!

A group of men from our Church have just completed changing 31 old light fixtures (mostly florescent tubes) with 31 Daylight sources of light. Here is an article that describes the health benefits of using Daylight lighting. (Big job, Guys-- thanks for caring enough to do it!)
here you can see the limitations of the 'old lighting'-- note the over-riding tan hues

The standard light bulbs that have been sold for many years have not been as white as they were sometimes described. There has been a yellow tinge to the light bulbs that have been in common use and this has had an impact on the way that people naturally see colours. This has been rectified by the release of daylight bulbs where there is a far more natural white light. This can be easily seen in a photograph showing the different forms of light where the yellow really stands out. It is something you may not realise until you see it for yourself.

There are many areas where daylight light bulbs can help to make a big difference in the everyday lives of people. One of the most important things that a brighter more natural light can help is with the hobbies and pastimes. A great number of pastimes require people to see in greater detail or perhaps distinguish smaller things. Painting and art work will be far easier to perform in a more natural daylight and this can greatly enhance the fun and enjoyment that comes from the activity. This helps in giving a more natural and realistic light, which is obviously of great benefit when painting a picture or creating a sculpture.

There are many health benefits that arise from using daylight light bulbs which makes them a popular choice. Alternative medicines and remedies are playing an important role in the well being and health of people today and it may be surprising for some how much of an impact proper lighting can have. A basic benefit comes from the fact that people do not need to squint to see, which may be an everyday occurrence for many people using the more standard forms of light bulbs. Using the whiter and brighter form of daylight bulbs helps to bring a more natural light and feel to the room.

There are also a lot of psychological and emotional benefits that come from using the more natural style of lighting, which helps with the way that people feel. As the environment is a lot calmer and more natural, people can feel more relaxed when using daylight light bulbs, which should see them in a better mood or be more confident about facing what life throws at them. Being able to have a place where they can relax and forget about the stress of everyday life is vital for everyone and this is something that can be achieved through using a better lighting system.

Another great thing for many people is that the new ranges of daylight light bulbs are available in energy saving formats. Helping the environment and being greener is something that is becoming increasingly popular and many consumers are making it part of their shopping requirements so the fact that this is an option opens up the market for a greater number of people. This means that even the most environmentally friendly of people can have a whiter and brighter shade of light in their home.

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