More on Antidepressant Suicides from Dr. Blake-Tracy

From Dr. Ann Blake-Tracy on Facebook: ANTIDEPRESSANT SUICIDE: "Rarely do I see a suicide involving a train where an antidepressant is not involved. Here is another, a young man on antidepressants whose cousin also on antidepressants (16) shot herself about a decade ago. I know this because I have been friends with a another cousin for just over a decade. This last week this young man's dog died. He moped around at first when his master was no longer there for him, but then refused to eat until he died this past week. These drugs have long killed not only the patient but often those who love them too. I recall a case in Northern California where the husband died of a heart attack upon learning of his wife's suicide. FAR TOO MANY family members will end up on antidepressants because of an antidepressant-induced suicide (due to them not knowing the real cause of the suicide) and they end up committing          suicide as well. Multiple deaths surround these drugs. It is so sad. "
Dr. Ann Blake-Tracy has a PhD in Psychology and Health Sciences.  She specializes in reverse reactions to SSRI (serotonergic medications prescribed for depression) and is frequently called as an "expert witness" in court cases where the 'shooter' or other sort of perpetrator is shown to be on SSRI drugs and exhibiting behaviours that are uncharacteristic of the individual or fitting a "modern violence pattern" of SSRI use (such as schoolyard shootings, etc.).   Dr. Blake-Tracy is the excutive director of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness and the author of Prozac: Panacea or Pandora?
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