DANGER: This Best-Selling Drug Can Harm You More Than It Helps

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola (who has the largest, most popular health information site on the Internet)10% of North Americans suffer from episodes of depression and 11% of persons over 12 years old take antidepressants.

More and more studies show that these drugs do NOT help in eliminating depression and, in fact, there are a ton of health issues--some very threatening ones--that pose as "side effects" of taking antidepressants. The 'issues' you want to be aware of are:
  •  There are several methods of dealing with depression that are at least as successful as most of the antidepressant, SSRI routes.  Dr. Nedley's Depression Recovery Program is one example of a comprehensive holistic approach to overcoming depression.  My older son, a teacher, is currently meeting with Dr. John Ratley, MD and researcher at Harvard.  Dr. Ratley's book "SPARK" shows how daily exercise can improve learning, social skills, and help to level depression.  If you are struggling with depression, please check out these alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs with your health care provider.

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Turn off the news. Throw away the newspaper. Get outside and go for a walk. Dr. Christiane Northrup said going for a walk is a perfectly acceptable form of treatment for certain types of depression!