Day #1 of 7-Day Cleanse-- A Sort of Fast

I have stopped reading Dr. Elvin Adams' book, (Jesus Was Thin So You Can Be Thin Also) not because it isn't something I enjoy or believe, but because we have houseguests... a delightful couple-- Terry and Jean McComb-- who are doing a presentations locally on the wonders of God's creation (particularly the "Wonders of the Human Body", but also "The Gospel According to Dandilion").  They walk the health walk, and talk the health talk.  I'm in awe of them.  They are ten years older than we are, but much fitter and ... um... useful?

Today I'm starting Day 1 of  a free 7-Day Cleanse online.  Day #1 is a sort of "fast"-- really just a day of skipping a couple of meals (breakfast and lunch) that started last night after supper.  Supper today will be a mono-fruit meal-- for me that means oranges.  By giving up eating for a few hours (24) I know that I will very much appreciate the fruit. The rest of the 7-Day Cleanse involves eating! (Watch the above video to get an idea of how to do a 3-Day Water Fast and to hear some of the benefits).

 Jean is very supportive and helpful.  She suggested (giving me just enough of a challenge) that fasting is really a spiritual discipline (which I know from reading  Richard Foster's beautiful "Celebration of Discipline" a couple of times) and that I should just let go of all the household and yard chores, conserve my energy, and read and meditate out in the sunshine.  I did mean to do that, but ended up going to town instead.  I do believe, however, that I will have other opportunities to read and reflect over the coming week because I am used to taking in a lot of junk calories and will need to find ways to understand that and resolve it. 

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