Funny Presentation on Taking Emotional Intelligence from Theory to Everyday Practice

 Emotional intelligence, a concept popularized in the 1980s, has become embedded into the vocabulary of psychologists, counsellors, life coaches and other professionals. It seems to be here to stay. So, what is emotional intelligence/emotional literacy? One particular definition suggests emotional intelligence is an ‘effective awareness, control and management of our own emotions and awareness and understanding of other people’.

The above video tells a little about emotional intelligence as developed through research and studies at Yale University.  The presenter is Dr. Marc Brackett, Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. Dr. Brackett uses lots of humour (an emotion) throughout this presentation.  Appropriate humour is a sure indicator of healthy emotional intelligence.  He discusses how using emotional intelligence was developed by the Yale researchers for:

  • effective decision-making, 
  • improving relationship quality, and 
  • strategizing for physical and mental health.

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