Healing on The Cancer Journey with Kris and Chris

It seems to me that the people who take charge of their own recovery from cancer-- who, at the very least, make the brave decision to try 'options' to the regular therapeutic cancer protocols (OR to try something "more natural" along with said protocols)-- can claim to be "experts" on healing from cancer. Webster's Dictionary actually agrees with this definition as applied by the two young survivors of cancer highlighted in today's post.

Kris Carr was a gorgeous young 30-something in the entertainment and modeling industry when she discovered she had a slow-growing stage 4 cancer, diagnosed in 2003. Chris Wark learned he had stage 4 colon cancer at the tender age of 26 (also in 2003). Individually they chose to reject certain conventional treatments (Kris chose NOT to opt for organ transplant; Chris rejected chemo and radiation.)

 Beyond doing their own extensive research and making choices around changing lifestyle, Kris and Chris each have a great desire to share with others what they have learned for themselves.


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