Steps to Overcoming Agoraphobia and Thriving

As I already related in my last post, I have had a lifetime of anxiety and panic attacks, that I mostly denied. I am pleased to report that God and the breathing program that I am doing has allowed me new freedoms and a general new sunny, peaceful approach to life.

 This morning I came across a lovely, well-written article on HubPages that I would like to share with readers. The author is someone who has suffered for many years with anxiety, panic attacks, IBS and even post-partum depression. She has overcome the whole whack of anxiety disorders. How?

 If you are someone who suffers from Agoraphobia or any form of anxiety, I recommend that you read this article and apply what she suggests to your life. While the author is a Christian and attributes her current status as someone with little anxiety in her life because of her personal relationship to Christ, she also offers others forms of encouragement to those who are not Christian. Go HERE to read the original article.  If you do only two of the suggested items in the 10 Step Process I can assure you that you will be well launched into recovery from the despotism of fear.

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Turn off the news. Throw away the newspaper. Get outside and go for a walk. Dr. Christiane Northrup said going for a walk is a perfectly acceptable form of treatment for certain types of depression!