Kickstart Your Health

Kickstart Your Health!
Hard to believe, but more than hundreds of thousands of people have participated in this free online program to kickstart your health!
The NEW free 21-Day Kickstart runs NOW and includes an opp to download an APP for iPhone users! Initiated by research by Neal Barnard, M.D., one of America’s leading health advocates, the Kickstart Program is intended for anyone who wants to take a serious look at and try out the health benefits of a vegan diet. Plant-based-- Low-fat vegan—diets are the easiest way to release excess pounds, prevent diabetes, bring down cholesterol, decrease blood pressure, prevent AND reverse heart disease, and significantly lower cancer risk. A healthy plant-based, low-fat vegan diet will even shrink carbon footprint on this planet!
The Kickstart will give you an all-access pass to:
SIGN UP HERE FREE... AND START YOUR KICKSTART ON THE 1ST OF THE MONTH-- or NOW, plan to start any day a few days after you do a little exploration and grocery-shopping!

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And for anyone who might want to follow all 
the 21-Day Kickstart particulars in written-form,
you can order Dr. Neal Barnard's book
or ebook from Amazon for less than a meal
at your fave fastfood restaurant.

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Another amazing app available to Android users during their transition into a whole food planted based (WFPB) lifestyle is Dr. Michael Greger's "Daily Dozen".  This is a particularly helpful checklist for those who want to get their nutrients through a delicious WFPB diet-- preventing and often even reversing major illnesses.  Dr. Greger operates one of the Internet's largest nutrition-health websites at  He puts out a regular video on cutting edge research into nutritional "facts" you might run across online and wonder about.  He "does the research so you don't have to" is one of his pithy mottos.

You can find his DAILY DOZEN app on Google Play or iTunes.

These are the foods in the Daily Dozen that those transitioning into a WFPB lifestyle will appreciate having highlighted during their daily journey into becoming a healthy vegan.

Here is Dr. Michael Greger's bestselling book:

Click the above image to find out more and/or purchase the book "How Not to Die".  If you purchase this book through our website we receive a few cents commission and thank you for your kindness.  

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