The Detox Project: Peek at CBD (Cannabinoid Liquids) with Dr. Philip Blair

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I am a big advocate of proper healthy detoxing-- to aid the over-worked liver and other organs of elimination, to clear up your skin and brain fog, and to have a fresh start in a healthier lifestyle (or a break, at least, from a less healthy lifestyle).

I am so excited about the upcoming DETOX PROJECT, an 8-day set of health talks about various aspects of detoxing. There will be 30 top-notch experts to guide you into a choice for detoxing that is right for you. (**I am not a medical expert, just someone who is excited at what the experts have to offer and who personally tries many of the modalities for better health that I learn about through research. I advise you to speak to your chosen professional health guide about the content of the Detox Project before undertaking any of the detox methods). The DETOX PROJECT will run from September 26 to October 3rd, online, and it is free to register and listen to any of (or all of) the speakers during the time that the webinars run. If you know that you will not be available to listen to the DETOX PROJECT as it is streamed, you may want to order the entire set of talks, discounted before and during the course of the scheduled talks.

I have decided to give 'sneak peeks' of some of the speakers prior to the beginning of the DETOX PROJECT, just to whet your appetite,so to speak.

On Day #1 of the Detox Project, you will meet Dr. Philip Blair (MD) in an interview about liquid hemp cannabinoids (CBDs) in relief of pain, depression, addictions, and sleep disorders. I'm very interested in what he has to say about cannabinoids in respect to detoxification. The idea seems rather counterintuitive, given how so many persons see cannabis as a noxious drug, and equate the stereotypical pot-smoking hipster with the use of hemp in its many forms.

Here is a brief video take of how to 'apply' liquid hemp cannabinoids for the most effective intake of the benefits.

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